Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kara + Patrick's Lynch Park & Carriage House wedding in Beverly, MA

If you're looking for unique beauty, I've got it for you right here in Kara and Patrick's combination garden and barn wedding!  Flowing with antiques, custom artwork and vintage style, it's a feast for the eyes!  I adored the color palette from the minute I heard about it!


We started the day in Manchester-By-The-Sea at Kara's childhood home!  Her mom is an artist and the wedding invitations and menus are designed from a watercolor print she did of their venue, Lynch Park!  

 The details were carefully thought out and SO charming!

Kara has some really gorgeous friends, and if you notice one of them looks a bit like her... it's her twin sister Marni!  Ask me how confused I was when Marni showed up to our site visit first... ;-)

And Kara...

For the ceremony we moved to the rose garden at Lynch Park which is right on the ocean.  It's gorgeous year round, but the flowers were in bloom aplenty... and it was perfect.  They included a lemonade stand for their guests, and a guitarist for added ambiance!

Newlyweds and their best friends.

A two minute walk to the Carriage House for some stunning atmosphere.  It's a brand new wedding venue -- and if you're looking on the North Shore I highly recommend it!  I've lived here for 20 years and was so excited to see it open up! 

Thank you Kara, Patrick, Marni, and Marion for your warmth, and for putting together such a beautiful event.  It was a pleasure. 

xo, Amber

PS: Kara and Marni have a wonderful blog called "Twin Tastes".  Check it out here!


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