Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boston Wedding Photography | What's Your Style? | Bridal Party Portrait fun

What's your style?

When it comes to wedding photography, style can make or break your images. There is photojournalism, contemporary, candid, traditional....

When it comes to the bridal party and family portraits, there are a few different ways of capturing the moment! I can try to explain them - but I thought just showing you some examples from this past wedding season would do the trick! There's the classic line up, the modern groupings where the bride and groom are more of the focus, the "jump" shots where the bridal party reaches for the sky, and then there's what I like to call the group hug! Which will I do for your wedding? I don't know yet! It's really up to you. If your bridal party is a group of people who all know each other - there's most likely going to be one group hug towards the end. ;-)

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This is just a small sampling of what can be done! When it comes down to it - the group formals are about YOUR style - not mine. What will reflect your day the most accurately? What will you think when you're looking at the photos 20 years down the road? Are you planning to put them on your wall? Ask yourself the questions, and we'll work together to get the best possible look and feel for your wedding images.


Crystal G. said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. I have just started thinking about what kind of formals I want taken. It helps to see others. I can't wait!!

Amber Shomo said...

I'm so glad you found it helpful Crystal! You're just a couple months away! :)

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