Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More NEW album options! This one - ECO.

Good news good news. I always have an eye out for green products that will add that eco-chic vibe to my already neutrally colored home. In a world where many are changing to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and more large companies are going totally green, why not Forevercandid? Of course it would be impossible for any photography studio to completely green, but what Forevercandid CAN do and I'm very thrilled to share, is pictured below!

This album is certainly a one of a kind design. For my fellow black and white lovers - this album may be for you! It comes with a black cover, black bead for an enclosure, and the simple yet fabulous image layout will be completed in black and white as well!

You know what the album needs? A NAME! So, if you have any ideas, leave them below in the comments section here or leave a comment on the blog post on Facebook. If enough fun entries come in, I'll put a poll up next week.

Don't forget to suggest a name below!

One last thing because some have inquired.... Feel free to "PIN" my photos. Just make sure you credit the website or blog in the comment. Thank you!

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