Monday, May 7, 2012

Boston Opera House - Bride's Day Out - Melissa by Forevercandid

 What can I say? A LOT!! This was one of the most exhilarating sessions of my career thus far. Why? It was my went-to-college-for-theatre-but-never-used-my-degree dreams come true. I've seen a few shows at the Boston the Opera House (Lion King and more), but nothing quite compared to walking into the mezzanine and having it essentially to myself. We had a limited amount of time, after all this is a working theatre and the stage was being prepped for the Boston Ballet. Good thing I work well under pressure. Melissa was phenomenal. I knew all along the nature of our session would be hasty, so I joked with Melissa to study up and watch Next Top Model. Truth be told, it's one of her favorite shows! Melissa's hair and make-up was done by the lovely Angela Ivana of Boston. We secured from Etsy authentic vintage opera glasses and playbills. I searched high and low for the perfect jewelry until I gave in and hit the craft store to make it myself. Everything came together and I couldn't be more smitten with the results. 



Meredith said...

These photos are some of the most eye-catching I've ever seen. Wonderful job!

Amber Shomo said...

Thank you so much Meredith!! It was such a fun project!

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