Monday, January 7, 2013

Erin + Gabe's gorgeous Sharksmouth Estate reception!

I love being able to shoot so close to home on the North Shore of Boston.  Just north of me (I'm based out of Salem!) is little Manchester-By-The-Sea.  It's an adorable community with some of the most beautiful homes around.  Problem is - they are tucked away and you'll never see them unless you're invited!! :) Enter Sharksmouth Estate --- a stunning property that sits right on the ocean.  There's a big lawn, tall trees, architecture... it has it all!!  A tiny walk down a wooded path leads to a breathtaking view of the ocean where you can walk right out onto the rocks!  Who wouldn't want to photograph a wedding here?!

Well Erin + Gabe's wedding at the Sharksmouth Estate was nothing less than a visual feast!  So many gorgeous details and I'll tell you a little bit about them below!  Here's part two of the wedding.  If you missed part one where I share the ceremony and formals -- be sure to check it out here.  

The florals played a huge role in creating E+G's reception look.  A vivid palette with modern vintage arrangements.  Kudos again to Florals by LauraJean who really brought her talent and created something unique! 

Where can you get this amazing pergola you ask??  DIY!!! I know, hard to believe.  Erin's dad put this together, and I personally think he should go into business.  If I got married again, I'd have him make me one!  It's so beautiful! 

The two sets below is all from Chive Event Design and Catering.  You should really look into them for your own wedding if you LOVE food and great design.  Also, they are doing something really incredible which I admire and respect -- they are completely sustainable.  Read more about them here!!

I am obviously fond of seeing and photographing all the charming details, but of course I love the candids too!!  Here are some shiny happy people from Erin & Gabe's reception.  

Thanks again Erin + Gabe!  Such a pleasure! 

Do you love this wedding as much as I do?

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stephanie rita said...

Gorgeous pictures! and I seriously love that venue! -stephanie

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you so much Amber!! You were the absolute best and I truly cherish every single picture you took. The pictures really captured the feeling of love and joy that everyone felt. I recommend you to everyone!!! :)

Stela pinto said...

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benilhalk said...

Good to know about this estate reception. Last month, I had arranged my nephew’s wedding at one of elegant outdoor Seattle venues. It was a themed wedding and all of guests who arrived at party appreciated the arrangements.

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