Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crane Estate Engagement Session - Melissa + Adam

One of the perks of getting married at the Great House on Castle Hill (Crane Estate) in Ipswich, is that you can do your engagement session on the property!  It's a simply stunning venue and one of my favorites on the North Shore.  You can learn more about the Estate here.  Melissa and Adam took me on a tour starting with the mansion and ending at the beach (Steep Hill beach) with the most beautiful sunset!! Here are just a few of the images, and if you'd like to see the full set, click here!  I highly recommend looking at all of them -- especially if you're considering getting married here.  I only wish I had two more hours there!!    
     Crane Estate is beautiful on both sides!  And Melissa and Adam (and me) are returning for their wedding next June!
     Absolutely love these sunset images...
    Aaaand just a little sunset landscape for ya... I need more sunsets in my life. They are so peaceful!

Sometimes my job is so awesome I have to pinch myself.  Be sure to say hello!

See you for the wedding in June Melissa + Adam! Can't wait! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crane Beach Engagement Session by Forevercandid Photography

Crane Beach in Ipswich... Have you been?  If not, it's time to go get your flip flops, sunscreen, and beach towel and GO!! Go now!  I can't even describe how beautiful this New England beach is, and it's no wonder it's turning into a favorite location among my clients.  This beach holds special meaning for Courtney and Brenden!  Here are some of the images!

 If you time it right, there's no one around, and you can't help but be in awe of the nature surrounding you!

 They are so sweet...
 The waves were perfect!!

That's all for now!  If anyone else wants their images done at the beach, let me know... I never tire of working in bare feet! ;-) 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Willowdale Estate Wedding Inspiration by Forevercandid Photography

Well hello!

This past Monday something beautiful happened.... Blue Ivy + Forevercandid (that's me!) teamed up once more to provide you with some bright and beautiful wedding inspiration!  It all took place at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  I was joking around with the venue's coordinator -- this place seems to be a home away from home for me.  I LOVE it and this was my third time back in 2013!  Well it couldn't have been a more perfect backdrop for our shoot -- and Blue Ivy did a seriously amazing job of designing the event.  All vendors featured (because you'll want to know) will be listed after the final images below -- and this is just part 1!!  There is so much yummy feathery vintage-yet- modern imagery I wanted to split it up into a few different blogs.


Event Design: Blue Ivy
Florals: Table + Tulip
Invitation + RSVP card: Wicked Bride
Vintage Phone: Mad Props Boston
Dress: Bella Sera
Suit: Russo's Tux
Hair Piece: VeiledBeauty

And of course, me, Forevercandid Photography


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Melissa + Tyler's Love Story | a Wedding by Forevercandid Photography

Well HELLO blog readers!  It's been a little while since I've posted a wedding, hasn't it?  Well, I took a little hiatus there but I'm excited to BE BACK and sharing all my couple's beautiful images with you!

The 2013 season started off a rainy one, but that couldn't take the smiles of Melissa and Tyler's faces!  These two have always been adorable.  If you missed their Lynch Park engagement session, check it out here.  Back to the rain.  It was EVERYWHERE!!  You know what they say though... rain is good luck on your wedding day!  It sprinkled on my wedding day too!

Here are some of my favorites.  How unique and fun are those shoes?  They fit Melissa's personality perfectly.

The ceremony was in a beautiful church!  I love the bottom left image with Tyler getting nailed with bird seed and flower petals.  They threw them right at them!

Well wouldn't you know -- the rain slowed to a sprinkle!  It was a bit chilly and wet, but the clouds made for some gorgeous soft light and we took advantage of it!!

And now.... the FUN began!!  These two didn't hold back on the dance floor which I absolutely loved. Tyler does a great Cotten Eyed Joe!!!  
Notice all the delicious confections above?  They had so many amazing flavors of cupcake -- including rice crispy treat, reeses pieces, and Guinness!!

I had a blast photographing your wedding guys -- thanks for all the warmth and kindness throughout the day.  A lifetime of love to you!!

Amber :)

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