Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Melissa + Tyler's Love Story | a Wedding by Forevercandid Photography

Well HELLO blog readers!  It's been a little while since I've posted a wedding, hasn't it?  Well, I took a little hiatus there but I'm excited to BE BACK and sharing all my couple's beautiful images with you!

The 2013 season started off a rainy one, but that couldn't take the smiles of Melissa and Tyler's faces!  These two have always been adorable.  If you missed their Lynch Park engagement session, check it out here.  Back to the rain.  It was EVERYWHERE!!  You know what they say though... rain is good luck on your wedding day!  It sprinkled on my wedding day too!

Here are some of my favorites.  How unique and fun are those shoes?  They fit Melissa's personality perfectly.

The ceremony was in a beautiful church!  I love the bottom left image with Tyler getting nailed with bird seed and flower petals.  They threw them right at them!

Well wouldn't you know -- the rain slowed to a sprinkle!  It was a bit chilly and wet, but the clouds made for some gorgeous soft light and we took advantage of it!!

And now.... the FUN began!!  These two didn't hold back on the dance floor which I absolutely loved. Tyler does a great Cotten Eyed Joe!!!  
Notice all the delicious confections above?  They had so many amazing flavors of cupcake -- including rice crispy treat, reeses pieces, and Guinness!!

I had a blast photographing your wedding guys -- thanks for all the warmth and kindness throughout the day.  A lifetime of love to you!!

Amber :)

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Unknown said...

Cannot wait to see the rest, amazing, not that I was expecting anything less. I appreciate the blog :)

linda fulton said...

Brilliant!!! The energy and excitement on Tyler and Melissa's Wedding Day was beautifully captured!!!!

Memories in photos to be cherished forever!!!

love the blog. Thank you.

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