Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Show me your best candid holiday photo!

Forevercandid Photography is having it's very first photo contest! Here's the deal:

I want you to send me your BEST Christmas Day or holiday party photo. The catch? The photo has to be CANDID. That means no setting your kids up in front of the tree and telling them to say cheese. So get behind that camera and show me what you've got! Here in example of what I'm talking about:

This photo is of me and my dad on Christmas day. My sister and I have a tradition where every year at Christmas, we bought our dad a can of cashews. I honestly have no idea how the tradition started, but we've had a lot of fun throughout the years. Instead of just getting him the can, eventually we starting trying to fool him, putting the cashews in different types of packaging. Let me just say that it is harder than it sounds! Well finally, last year, we got him. The photo above is the moment he figures out that the very soft, round package, was really a can of cashews wrapped up inside a winter hat!
So take your best shot, get behind your camera, take pictures of your loved ones. During the month of January, go through your best pictures and send your pick to Winner will win a free 30 minutes photo session gift card from Forevercandid! That's a $30-$50 doller value! So get shooting, and have a wonderful holiday!

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